First Quality Mexico Produce Imports
  • Chilaca, Jalapeno, Poblano & Serrano Peppers

  •           Jamaica Seca, Tamarindo, Piloncillo

  •                   Cilantro, Cebollitas, Epazote

  •             Hoja de Platano, Sabila, Penca de Maguey

  •      Plantain, Tejocote, Xoconostle,  Fresh  Guayaba

  •   Cabbage, Fresh Garbanzo, Habas Verdes, Guaje


ISPE Produce Inc. is a family owned and operated produce business established in 2004. We specialize in procuring a wide range of top quality fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and other commodities, supplying our customers that operate within the retail and non retail sectors, including catering, food service and wholesale.

Ispe Produce continues to meet the challenging needs of a rapidly changing industry through its experienced management team procuring and marketing the best produce through a strong partnership of individual growers who understand our customer needs and can focus at short notice on meeting their requirements across quality, fair prices and delivery.

ISPE Produce is GFS certified and our warehouse has achieved the highest ratings on our inspections.